A place located in the gateway of mountains is quite popular for its beauty. yes, I'm talking about the 360-degree view of mountains place called Auli. The fragrance of this place in winter can sum with the only word. "#first_love". believe me when I was standing over the mid of these 360-degree mountains. I was completely blank and a deep sensation was like asking me is this reality? and The town of Joshimath is beautiful enough. lovely peoples, just faith in the face. this town is like the fragrance of Uttarakhand. where I saw, Actually how Uttarakhandi peoples live. their culture, their way of respecting, the way of loving. That's all just incredible. specially when I was with a cup of tea and looking at the stars of the night. really the first time I saw this much clear sky. just #love_you_from_moutains, #tripa_family, #tripa_vibes


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