The Best way to reach auli from delhi

best way to reach auli

Hi, I’m going to share the experience of my Auli trip from Delhi. Before you fall in love with the route of mountains.  Let’s have a look at the best way to reach Auli from Delhi that we followed too.

hey, I request you to keep follow the full story of the trip because the google map was not that clear for some of the places but the driver and locals helped us a lot. 

Delhi – josimath – 484km

Delhi – Rishikesh

    1. Distance– 240 KM 

    2. Main attraction 
    • Laxaman jhula
    • ram Jhula
    • Parmarth niketan Ganga aarti
    • Triveni Ghat
    • marine drive
    • Beatles ashram
    • River rafting
    • bungee jumping
    • neer waterfall

Rishikesh – byasi-teendhara

    1. Distance- Rishikesh – byasi (35.3km )- teen dhara(27.2km)
    2. main attraction

these are small places on the way to Joshimath. mostly peoples take rest in these places for a long  journey of  Joshimath

Teen dhara- devprayag

    1. distance – 12km
    2. main attraction

river viewpoint of the confluence of Alaknanda and Bharati river

devprayag- srinagar

    1. distance- 36.8km
    2. main attraction

Srinagar is a small town popular for the education hub of Uttarakhand state. 

Srinagar – Rudraprayag

    1. distance 33.3km
    2. main attraction

a small town from where the route of Kedarnath and chopta – tungnath get change

Rudrapryag- Karanpryag

    1. distance 33.2km
    2. main attraction

a small town for rest stop 

Karanpryag- Chamoli

    1. distance- 33.1km
    2. main attraction

small town for an initial point for more tourist places that we’ll discuss later.

Chamoli – Joshimath

    1. distance- 61km
    2. main attraction

let watch the main attraction of this place through my lens. 

here we go

I packed my bag in the evening and I was waiting for my friends. We planed yesterday to meet in the Kashmiri gate from where we would go to pick our vehicle. then approx 11 pm we started our traveling for Uttarakhand. as we entered Uttarakhand the slow sounds of wind were sounds cool and we’ll be reached in Rishikesh in 7 am in the early in the morning and then we met our trip leader and rest for an hour in restaurant. We had a light breakfast.

started the journey from Rishikesh

the journey feels quite excited. With the sounds of shiva songs, we moved from Rishikesh. Just after a 30min only we saw Laxman jhula view from my window and the Rishikesh looks amazing for its view of river, bridge. I have been to seen such adventures rafting in this river. Once I got a mind to go for it but I remember we came for a snow place of Auli trip and the water activity and snow activity could be matched together.

i got surprised 

The route on this journey was the next level of view. Let me explain in detail. While we cross Rishikesh and just though to get rest my eyes but suddenly I saw a cloudy view covering the complete river and we were driving like in the sky. I just said loudly, guys see the view from your window. Is this a dream?

the megestic view on the way to auli

we stopped there and I can’t even express the feeling while we were just close to this cloud. We had some photos there and continue our journey.

Continue journey for byashi -Teendhara

Our trip leader was narrating such stories, facts about the route, places, etc. he was sounds cool with stories and all. Just after 15 km he told us a small place Bhyashi for breakfast but we don’t think now we need to take breakfast. We continue our trip and he continued narrating all things. Then told us small place teen Dhara, popular for breakfast and rest. Then we stopped there and get fresh and had aaloo paratha, tea.  The journey was started long so we were tired too. Then we decide to rest for some time here.

Continue after a small rest

Then we continue our trip and I got sleep for a while. Then after 22km we reached Devepryag and he asked us to get down to see the view of the river. The view of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi river was amazing and sudden some of a travel in our team said to go near to river and I saw a beautiful park was looking cool from the road. Then we get down and spend some time there and we saw the different colors of water in both rivers and he told the peace of the sound’s river is Bhagirathi and the danger sound’s river is Alaknanda. The Devpryag is also the last confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi river and the mixed river named Ganga.

Crossing Srinagar Garhwal

Then, we cross Srinagar town and we got to know this is the town popular for education hub for Uttarakhand with the central university hemwati Nandan bhaguna.

While we were crossing the Srinagar town.  I saw a beautiful dam view from my window. And then after some time, I saw a small riverbank near to the road and he said the name like the mini beach.

We stopped at this beautiful place and then with some crazy games we captured too many pictures.

sriangar garhwal

reached in Rudrapryag

Then we continue our trip and after some distance only. We reached in a small town Rudraprayag and I got to know the famous world’s highest Shiva temple get change same route from this town and the poplar temple Kedarnath temple is also in this same district Rudraprayag. Rudraprayag is also a confluence of Alaknanda and Mandakini river.

continue travel for Chamoli

after a small town Karan Prayag we reached in  Chamoli and I got to know

the route for Rudranath the panchkedar of lord shiva get chage from Chamoli to  sagar village through Gopeshwer route.

We also got to know about the Gopeshwer town. A small town where a famous temple Gopinath located and the Gopinath is a place of shiva where te Statue of shiva placed from Rudranath for 6month.

Finally, I was to hear Joshimath for a long time

finally after a long journey. We were in a place where the Snow Mountains are clearly visible. We checked-in a homestay “Badri villa” and just got quite friendly, family enlivenment. They serve soup as a welcome drink and then seriously, I was too tired. My eyes were just searching for bed only. I kept my eyes asleep. I just had dinner and sleep.

Hey, is this dream?

The Next Day Morning I Just Saw A Foggy Morning Out Of My Window And This Was Completely An Experience Is Like Living In Heaven. The Next Day  We Went To Auli Through The Ropeway From Joshimath To Auli And I Was Just Surprised With The View From The Ropeway. Everything was covered with Snow and the ropeway was surrounded with fully snow-covered mountains.  

Let my lense talk to you 

gallery of auli

While we were getting close to auli. The view was just amazing. I just saw a long skiing runway from the window of ropeway and this was beautiful enough than how actually its looks in a pictures.

Finally, we reached in Auli and if got myself standing on mid of 360 degree mountains view. Can you guys feel that moment through my words? Seriously, because of cold I was not talking too much but actually, I was also speechless at that time. Then our trip leader helped us for skiing and then we went for artificial lake view point. I was quite surprising while the trip leader narrate us the names of the mountains. These mountains names was like. Hathi,ghoda, palaki etc. I could remembered only some easy names. Then for evening we also went for Gorshoan bugyal trek.


auli stay

This trek was also a great part of this trip. A single trial was full snow-covered and we were trekking there. The view we found from the top of Groton Bugyal was quite mesmerizing. And then at the end of the day approx. 5 pm we came back to Joshimath through a private cab because the timing provides by with ropeway ticket was just for 4 hours but we decided to go through the road too. Then we came back to our homestay already booked for two days. We entered there and they serve tea and snacks on small “AGETHI sounds like BUKHARI. For tonight we decided to have dinner over bonfire and can you believe .we found a guitarist guy among us and then we were enjoying, dancing a lot there. That night I don’t remember the time while we slapped. Next in the early morning, the cloddy view was amazing but we were just about to leave this place. We all packed our bags and we departure with memories of a great trip. Hope the place will call us back to see such beautiful mountains. Peoples, and lots more.