Ramadhungi trek

So Do You Guys Are Ready To explore an amazing place nearby Badrinath Joshimath?

 “Ramadhungi trek”  is located on the way to Badrinath from Joshimath in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.
The place is popular for its magnificent view of Closets Mountains and an amazing trail through the river, dense forest, and view of glacier point.


  • Badrinath- Lambagar 17km
  • Lamabag-  Pargashi village 1km
  • Pargashi village- chorakhark glaicer 1.5km
  • Chorka khark glaicer- Ramadhungi 1.5km
  • Total trek  4km
  • Badrinath- joshimath 45km


here we go

The summer season always burns in cities.  We were looking for a peace of the place with cold climates and the Auli always sounded amazing for the hill station of Uttarakhand. finally, we planned a trip of  Badrinath, Auli, and a beginner trek of Ramadhungi. after the next day of the Badrinath darshan, we had already planned for Ramadhugi trek. early in the morning. We had breakfast and especially I was quite excited  For a trek of the glacier, mountains, and lots more. We started a road trip on the route of Joshimath. We met our trip leader Amanjeet Chauhan in  Lamabgar.

rama dhungi trek view
RamaDungi view from Lamabagar

Let begin trek

The peak of Ramadhungi started visible clearly from this place and I could see clearly the magnificent view where we are going to trek today. We started our trek and at the beginning, only a beautiful view of the river and its origin of the glacier was clearly visible. We captured some pictures of the glacier from the trail and we continue the trek.


river view at the beginning of ramadhungi
river view at the beginning of ramadhungi

Pargashi village

I just trekked for half an hour only and we were crossing Pargashi village then I got to know the village of Uttarakhand is quite different. The simple peoples, the sound of the local tongue and especially, the kids were very cute with red cheeks. I thought these peoples have a different texture, may this could be the reason for the climate of this place.from pargashi village. we started trek on trial of a dense forest.

locals of pargashi village
The beauty of uttarakhand peoples

Chora kharkh glacier

The forest trek was just about 1 km only and my eyes were just near to the river that’s completely covered with a glacier. I could see the amazing view of forest, waterfalls, and the glacier. I couldn’t stop myself and we entered in a glacier, we played lots and captured too many pictures.

chora kharak glacier
chora kharak glacier point

Dense forest trail

I could see clearly a trail toward the dense forest and here we started the trek. The trip leader continued narrating and showing some unique plants, fruits of this forest. And I was quite happy to trek in this amazing trail where we were finding unique things on every single step.

Dense forest vewi
Dense forest

Closest view of mountains

I found myself at a peak from where I could see clearly the snow-covered mountains are close to my eyes. And the beginning of this trip was also clearly visible. Do you guys believe me the trip leader surprised us with a tea and lunch at this beautiful peak? We started collecting woods and we were going to have tea at this peak then lunch too. I never ever had a meal over this kind of peak. Let me show you through my lens.

Rama dhungi trek
RamaDhungi The Closest view of mountains

Accommodated in joshimath

In the Evening we return Lamabagar and started travel on through the route of Pandukeshwar, Govind ghat, and reached in Joshimath. We checked in a homestay and enjoyed dinner over bonfire.



Love for mountains