Soul of traveler

“The Emotions, I’m Going To Share Through A Short Film “SOUL OF TRAVELER” Is A Real Story Of Traveler That He Just Always Love Mountains Without Any Reasons

I’m a software developer working in IT Company in Delhi, Gurgaon, and the story of my life that I don’t know why, but my life gets repeated for the past two years. Every night around 10:30. I started thinking. I should wake early in the morning and get fresh air, do exercise and spend quality time for myself then take breakfast with the first sunrise on earth with my lovely playlist of mountain songs. 

im at home

but before every night. I spend 7-8 hours my eyes on a laptop displayAt the mid of the day while a compile my code I just take a little break and my mind turns myself on a trail where I’m just about to reach the peak of the mountain. I feel tired, swatting and the playlist of the lovely song sounds great with my Boat Stone 260. I stand at the top of the mountain and the sound of a wind blowing in ear and it passes through my body. I speared my arms and then suddenly my eyes get back on a laptop display. 

soul of travler image 2

I spread a smile and the thought of regulation asks myself to just leave this life of this 25inch display and just move far away, where peace in the air, faith in face, no sound and seriously no one ever tries to compete anyone. But the sound of “your code has been complied successfully” and believe me this scenario happen per day with. The films are about the person inside me who just wish to keep move to the mountains.

finally i just wanna be in mountains always.