Tribute by Travelers to Rishi Kapoor

Here are the emotions I’m going share for a tribute to the legendry man rishi Kapoor sir. That contributes to every trip we had in the past days. i wast quite socked while I got the last video of Rishi Kapoor sir in hospital.

If you guys also love the 90s songs then I’m dame sure. You had a great playlist for your all-time best trips. The playlist that always is with us for every trail, for very bonfire night. So I also had such great collections of rishi Kapoor’s song that just turn “MAHAOL” and made us flow with the music.

here are some list of my play list

Hi, I’m a traveler and I always wonder in unlimited numbers of peak. mostly l love trekking rather than a hectic place. And my boat stone 260 always sounds great with my lovely collection of rishi sir’s songs.

I have also great childhood memory and yet have a bit size of blur clip like “Payaliyan Oh Ho Ho Ho”, “Dhapali wale” and really whenever this clip comes in my mind. I just forget myself and once again see myself in the 90s.

You may remember these great movies of rishi Kapoor’s that made our childhood memorable. Check out some all-time best movies of the legendary man