Why Auli is a beautiful honeymoon destination?

The December month of the Past year 2019. I was quite confused to choose a honeymoon destination. I had lots of expectations for the destination like romantic, cloudy, snow mountains. Actually I was figuring a cinematic couple destination that could be less hectic,  more fun, more enjoying and more photos and videos. I was trying to make a supersizing date as we had in earlier days. The moment that we both enjoy and have the quality time together and seriously I had no idea. I just scrolled too much on the internet for such kind of location. Actually the thought was making me like search a Bollywood set for us. Then just I found a place named Auli in Uttarakhand. 

featured image auli honeymoon

I didn’t ever hear about the location but when started collecting more information and photos about Auli. I have seen the place is quite trending and finally, I found the place like a couple set for our post-wedding and where we could have the exact moments of how I was planning. That was a perfect romantic place, Snow Mountains and lots of more. The videos, images on the internet made truly to visit this destination but still, I was looking for some trustable peoples with whom we can share or private ideas for a couple -shoot and photo shoot. This was a quite tough task to find such creative peoples for the couple shoot. The hundreds of ideas were wandering on my head. I wish I’ll get all things I’m planning for this trip. Then I met some peoples sounds like IMTRIPACREW.

I collected information through their website, social accounts and I thought they do great for the kind of trip I’m expecting. Then I had a bit of conversation and I got to know they are quite entastic to do such kind of trip and then they transfer my call to their couple crew and seriously they conversation made me the perfect peoples I was looking for. They were encaustic and existed to do such a couple shoot, photoshoot, etc. finally in the month of December 2019. We went to Auli through the Tripa.

auli honeymoon

They manage all things very clearly and some of their crew members pick us from Dehradun airport and then we start traveling for Joshimath and while we were traveling on this mountain route. Seriously some great types of cinematic view of cloud, river and different texture of the face.  I have seen in this route. We had lots of conversations about the next shoot and all. Finally, in the evening we reached in Joshimath and we checked in a homestay named Badri villa. The stay was quite cool and a family was there who were very good heart peoples. The service, accommodations everything was great.

auli couple

The next day morning I just saw a foggy morning out of my window and this was completely an experience is like living in heaven the next day we went to Auli through the ropeway from Joshimath to Auli and I was just surprised with the view from the ropeway. Everything  just covered with snow.